Cowin E8 Review

Today we are conducting Cowin E8 Review, Active noise-canceling headphones. We are going to break it down for you if you are interested in having a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones under 200.

We live in a world where there are a lot of noises and distractions. When we are trying to calm down after a stressful working day and would have the desire to shut off all the other noises and distractions and just relax, we usually turn towards listening to our favorite piece of music.

So if we go for a good headphones brand that features noise cancelling, the prices would be 200+. So Cowin, which is a less popular brand, has tried to hit the ground by offering E8 active noise-canceling headphones under 200.

Now here you could be skeptical about going for a relatively cheaper and less popular brand like we were in the beginning, but after our testing and reviewing, we concluded the results, and the results were amazing.

So let’s dive in and show you how Cowin E8 could be your best noise cancelling headphones in 2020.

Cowin E8 Review

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 150


Cowin E8 ReviewIf we take a general look at the overall design of Cowin E8, we can easily notice that the earpads are very soft and wrapped in very soft quality leather.

With the inclusion of a 90° rotation option, the ear cushions are very comfortable and designed to fit almost any head size.

Furthermore, another thing you can easily notice when you look at the headphones is that the ear cushions are slightly curved and have moved a bit away from the headband so that when you wear them, you won’t feet any pressure from the top portion of the ear cushions. You can easily notice that when you wear these headphones, they will set very evenly, and without any single spot pressure.

Also, the magnetic absorption has been introduced by the manufacturers to improve the comfort and the sound quality and to maintain it for a longer period.


Cowin E8 ReviewWhen we tested these headphones for the noise cancelling feature, we found that they eliminate the minor noises around you without turning on the noise cancellation.

Furthermore, if you are in an area where there is a lot of background noises like engine noise, heavy machinery noise, etc., turning on the noise cancelling will create an anti-wave to stop all those irritating and distracting noises, and it helps you focus on what you are listing to.

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones (ANC)

Cowin E8 ports & buttonsThe remarkable introduction of ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) in Cowin E8 really standout this product from all of its competitors who offer Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 200.

This feature efficiently reduces and eliminates the outside noises by creating an anti-wave to help you calm down and concentrate on what you are listening to.

In addition, it’s not just the noise cancelling tech that reduces and eliminates the outside noises; the extra soft material used in the ear cushions also helps in noise cancelling.

When you wear the headphones, the ear cushions will automatically block out the minor ambiance without turning on the noise cancelling.

Furthermore, “Active” means “controllable.” It means that the feature can be turned On or Off, your choice. And if you keep it Off, it will eventually save you some battery life as well.

Sound Quality:

Cowin E8 ReviewSo the most important aspect of a headphone is its sound quality.

Many high-end headphones feature high-quality Hi-Fi sound, but comes with the high-end prices as well. But when you test out Cowin E8 sound quality, you will notice that the sound no less than any other high-end headphones.

Every headphone has a slightly different soundstage, and when it comes to Cowin E8, the sound rocks with a decent kick of extra bass.

Furthermore, we tested out the lows the mids and the highs, and its quite clear that the highs are not defined clearly and in detail. This is where you realize that you are listening to a relatively cheaper brand headphone. (we will not recommend these headphones to you if you are someone who values sound quality over price).

The lows are pretty solid and detailed and give you a decent smooth walk that you really enjoy. The low mids and mids are decently described and pronounced and gives you a warm sensation.


These days the use of Bluetooth is gaining popularity day by day, and dependency on wires is getting lesser. So many brands are struggling for perfect, stable, and wider Bluetooth connectivity to benefit the end-user.

Cowin E8 features Bluetooth 4.0 technology that gives you faster connectivity, i.e., within 10secs. The Bluetooth will work within the range of 33ft without any trouble most of the time. We are saying “most of the time” because, in a few instances, we noticed a slight skipping of audio even when the headphones were near the audio source. That might not happen in your case.


Cowin E8 is equipped with four microphones. That’s something exceptional and stands out E8 from the rest. Each microphone isolates and eliminates the outside noises extremely efficiently, which a single microphone cannot. The result is that you get stunning clarity even if you are going through a busy downtown roadside. 

Added Controls & Ports:

Cowin E8 ports & buttonsCowin E8 is a wireless headphone. But in accessories, it also comes with an AUX cable. You will find an AUX port on the headphone where you can connect the aux cable just in case if you run out of battery and cannot use the Bluetooth. Or you want to save the battery and want to connect your headphone with the audio device.

The controls also include the volume control as well through which you can increase or decrease the volume, obviously, and the same can be used to switch between the tracks also.

The colored (golden) switch is the ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) On/Off switch, and when you turn it on, and green LED light will turn on.

You will also find a mini USB port through which you can charge the headphone. A charging USB cable is also included in the package.

Power On/Off button. This is the Bluetooth On/Off button. When you want to turn it on, you need to press and hold it for 5-6secs, and you will notice that a blue notification LED light will turn on, and an automated voice message will also notify you.

Battery Life:

Cowin E8 features a reasonably sized 545mAh battery when at no power at all, it will take near about 2hrs to fully charge the headphones.

The E8 battery can last for about 20hrs, but it entirely depends on what and how you are listening. If you are listening to something at a very moderate volume level without Bluetooth or ANC, then it’s pretty much sure that you will not be charging it for probably two or three days, but if you are listening to high volumes using Bluetooth and ANC Off n On, then the 20hr number will certainly go down.

One thing is certain here that in the worst scenario, Cowin E8 battery will last a full day, and at the end of the day, you would need to spare them for about 2hrs so that they get charged again for the rough ride. 😊

What's better in E8 then E7 Pro?

Even though both E8 and E7 Pro come from the same family, but they are like an elder brother and younger brother. A lot has improved in E8, and here we are showing you the areas where E7 Pro is lagging now.

Cowin E8 Review

Active Noise Cancelling

ANC was featured in both the models, but compared to E8, the %age of noise leakage in E7 Pro is more. Although E8 doesn’t provide you 100% noise cancelling, but a substantial amount of background noise is blocked and eliminated.

Airplane Mode:

Most of the Cowin headphones can be used in the airplane, but with E8, the Cowin engineers went a bit further to improve the listening experience on the plane. With the improved ANC technology, E8 will completely isolate you from your surroundings, the soft fluffy ear cushions with magnetic absorption will also help in keeping out the ambient noises.

Curved Design:

cowin e8 designThe engineers and designers of Cowin have really worked hard on making E8 as comfortable as possible, even if you wear them for hours.

If we look at the earlier models, the headband connectors have often clamped or were putting uncomfortable pressure on the upper portion of the ear, and you would feel uncomfortable after a while.

The slightly curved headband connectors place the ear cushions evenly over the ear, and you don’t feel any pressure spots while wearing these headphones for some time.


The built-in microphone has been improved compared to the previous versions. The microphone used in the previous E series headphones was also great, but some people experienced some minor issues regarding its performance, so the Cowin engineers have worked on it and have come up with the new and improved version of the microphone for E8.

What’s In The Box:

  • cowin e8 boxCOWIN E8 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone
  • E8 Case
  • Micro USB Cable
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • One piano adapter
  • One airplane flight adapter
  • User Guide
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • Premium Noise Isolation
  • Extra soft & comfortable ear cushions
  • Better Bluetooth Connection
  • Amazing build quality
  • Curved Design
  • Battery playtime is lower than E7 Pro
  • Fewer color options
  • Size is a bit bulky
  • High tones are not detailed
  • I compare this unit to my Jabra Evolve, as they are the best noise cancelling devices I have used so far. I would say the E8 comes pretty close, at a fraction of the cost. Users Review
  • The Cowin sound quality was very acceptable. I noticed little distortion and plenty of bass. The Bluetooth connection worked fine. However, when I turned the noise canceling on the sound quality really dropped. I know there is always some sound degradation with noise canceling on, but the Cowin headphones seemed excessive. Users Review
  • They were very comfortable when I put them on and they didn’t seem to be too big at that point.The headband adjustment is very stiff and clicks into each measurement so it stays where you adjust them to so that’s good. Noise cancellation is on pay with some of the Bose headsets and I LOVE that you can turn it off and on even without music. Overall for the price I am very surprised of the sound and quality of these. Users Review
  • The Cowins do an excellent job of reducing airline jet noise to a comfortable level, about as well as most ear plugs. Though the noise cancelling feature drops the bass and some fidelity out of the music. The battery life seems as advertised so far. Very solid build. Comfortable to wear. Users Review


To wrap things up, we will honestly say that overall, Cowin E8 is a good investment to consider.

Cowin E8 is by far the best option in this price range.

Noise isolation and cancellation features compete with other high-end headphones that are mostly above 200.

With extra-soft ear cushions and the curved design, the comfort level of this headphone is exceptional.

The headphones come with a few color options, and the box contains all the necessary accessories you need.

With all these “goods” about Cowin E8, we really don’t see any point why you shouldn’t consider it.

Let us know about your experience in the comments below. 😊