Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

Important: These Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones are not meant to be used in water or during swimming, these are not made for this purpose, but you can use them for Workout, running, kayaking, boating, and related sports where there are chances that the headphones will get wet because of sweat or rain.

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Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones - Comparison Chart

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1. Mpow Flame 2 - Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow FLAME2 Bluetooth Headphones Sport, 12Hrs & Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Sport Earphones, IPX7 Waterproof Running Headphones W/Cvc 6.0 Noise Cancelling Mic, Bluetooth Earphones w/Comfort-Slanting

Headphone Type: In Ear
Sound: Dynamic
Shape Design: 12° Slanting
Water Protection: IPX7 (Check Details Here)
Playback Time: 12 hrs
Bluetooth: 5.0


Mpow Flame 2 is the latest design in the Mpow headphones series. Below we have in the list Mpow Flame, but that model is certainly less powerful than the new one.

Mpow Flame 2, Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones, features Bluetooth 5.0 technology with the latest chipset to give you excellent HD sound quality, especially that lower bass that is usually skipped by many of the cheap headphones. So whether you are listening to your favorite music or you are receiving phone calls. The sound you are getting is superb.

Because of the Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the sound signals are uninterrupted, and it gives you faster and more stable pairing.

The earbuds that come with the package are in four different sizes to match your ear size. Its quite apparent that if you are comfortable having the headphones in your ear, you will enjoy listening.

The battery life has been extended in Mpow Flame 2. The Mpow Flame 2 gives you 12hrs of playtime with 300hrs of standby time as promised, which is excellent. And you can also check the remaining battery life from the installed app on your smartphone.

Mpow has changed the design of their new Flame 2, and now it’s 25° slanting as compared to Flame, which is straighter. But it is also a fact that there are a lot of users who prefer the straighter shape as compared to the slanting one.

This special slanting-shape with ear wings not only keeps the earphones more stable but also assures a lot more comfort for ears since it fits the structure of the ear; hence they feel weightless.

These running and working out headphones feature IPX7 protection, which makes sure that the headphone will not be damaged in case of sweat and light rain. Certainly NOT for swimming. Find the swimming headphones here.


As per some users, the connectivity issue was arising after a few months of use.

What’s in the Package:

  • Mpow Sport Headphones
  • Zippered carrying case
  • Silicon ear tips
  • Ear wings
  • Memory foam ear tips
  • Cable clip
  • Cable length adjuster
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User manual

User Experience:

“The battery life is at least 40% longer than the original flame. I am getting between 11 and 12 hours per charge.”

“The headphones work great, have excellent sound quality, and the new headphones work perfectly while I’m exercising.”

“Good noise canceling when listening to music, and good sound quality on calls.”

“The Mpow Flame 2 Headphones is the best I have ever owned. I highly recommend you buy one if you want a great easy to use high-quality Bluetooth headphone.”

Final Verdict:

Overall, if you’re looking to buy a set for good playback just to wear around the house and you don’t mind that they don’t get screaming loud, then you should definitely give them a try (they won’t break the bank.

2. LETSCOM Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Bluetooth Headphones, LETSCOM Wireless Earbuds IPX7 Waterproof Noise Cancelling Headsets, Richer Bass & HiFi Stereo Sports Earphones 8 Hours Playtime Running Headphones with Travel Case

Headphone Type: In Ear
Water Protection: IPX7
Playback Time: 8 hrs
Bluetooth: 4.1


Featuring the Bluetooth 4.1 and CVC6.0 digital noise-cancelling technology, LETSCOM Powers up your workouts with uninterrupted music and you concentrate on your exercises.

LETSCOM sports earbuds sound quality is good, as so many users have confirmed and acknowledged that the sound quality of these headphones is of good quality. They enjoy the exercises while listening to their favorite music, uninterrupted.

The CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology is so good at blocking out the ambient noises, and you can focus on your training or whatever you are doing. Blocking out the background noises could be good and bad, depends on what are you doing. We will not recommend you to use these headphones while driving.

As these sports headphones connect easily with your smartphone, the remaining battery life can easily be checked through the app. With the max of 2hr charging, these running headphones will give you playback time of up to 8hrs.

These all-weather workout headphones, with the nano-coating and IPX7 level waterproofing, you can easily use them in sweaty or rainy conditions.


Some complaints about the waterproofing.

What’s In The Package:

In the package, you will get!

  • 1x Eva bag
  • 4x Ear tips of different sizes
  • 1x Micro USB cable
  • 1x Wire clip (removable)

User Experience:

“I bought my first pair of these headphones, and one of the earbuds stopped working. My new pair lasted a couple of months at most and then simply turned off and wouldn’t turn on.”

“I found with the proper fit, the sound quality greatly improved. For my ears though, they still slip partially out when moving around and have to be adjusted frequently during workouts.”

“Comfortable to wear, you can run with them, quality of sound is OK. Very basic sound, although not distorted.”

Final Verdict:

The sound quality is OK, the battery life is good, and the Bluetooth is 4.1 and not 5.0, but they are on the cheaper end and would last a few months. So if you are OK with it, then you should go for it.

3. Boltune Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones

Wireless Headphones, Boltune Bluetooth 5.0 IPX7 Waterproof 16 Hours Playtime Bluetooth Headphones, with Magnetic Connection, Sports Earbuds for Running Built-in Mic

Headphone Type: In Ear
Water Protection: IPX7
Playback Time: 16 hrs
Bluetooth: 5.0


Boltune Bluetooth wireless headphones feature incredible charging technology where you can enjoy the playback time of about 2hrs for only 10min of charging. With the full charge, these headphones can give you backup for about 16hrs.

With 10mm dynamic drivers, Boltune features the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which can connect with the max number of devices without breaking out the voice at any level.

These sports headphones feature IPX7 water protection that can give you the protection against sweat and rains. Now with these headphones, you don’t need to worry about sweating or rains, and you can entirely focus on your workouts and other exercises.

These earbuds are designed with a complete noise isolation environment with 10mm dynamic drivers. With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you can enjoy the uninterrupted audio frequency.

The headphones come with an extra three pairs of earbuds and three pairs of ear hooks so that these headphones fit all ear sizes easily and comfortably.


There a lot of reviews from the users saying that they were having some charging issues with the headphones, and in some cases, the headphones died in a month or so.

User Experience:

“I liked everything about these earbuds in regards to how they fit and sounded.”

“The only real issue I’ve found is that there’s a very slightly noticeable hissing sound when the headphones are active.”

“I have no complaints about the quality of the sound. I use these both during workouts and also when sitting at my desk in a busy office. For audiobooks, the sound is clear with no muffling.”

“It’s clear, plenty of volumes, and all in all, for the price I paid, it’s outstanding.”

Final Verdict:

As per the user’s experience, the headphones have a mix of reviews. We will definitely recommend these because 73% of the users have awarded a 5-star rating to these headphones for its performance.

4. TREBLAB XR500 Bluetooth Headphones

TREBLAB XR500 Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Earbuds for Sports, Running Gym Workout. (2019 Upgraded) IPX7 Water Resistant, Sweatproof, Secure-Fit Headset. Noise Cancelling Earphones w/Mic

Headphone Type: In Ear
Water Protection: IPX7
Playback Time: 8 hrs
Charging Time: 2hrs
Bluetooth: 4.1 EDR
Signal range: 33 feet


First of all, sound quality. The sound quality of these running headphones is simply “awesome.” The truly amazing HD sound quality is what the users are very excited about. The majority of the users have mentioned it that they were not expecting the sound to be that good — so full marks to the sound quality.

These headphones for workout features the IPX7 waterproofing. This level of waterproofing will prevent your headphones from getting damaged because of sweat and rain. These headphones are not to be used in water. You can check out the headphones for swimming here.

These sports headphones feature Bluetooth 4.1, it’s not the latest technology, which is 5.0, but this even does a pretty good job. You get uninterrupted / without breakage sound signals within a 33ft radius.

The battery consumption is fair enough. The battery gets charged in 2hrs and will give you the playback time of about 8hrs.

The earphones set includes a built-in microphone for talking on the phone, taking calls, or using the voice-activated prompts.


As mentioned earlier, these sports headphones feature Bluetooth 4.1, which is not the latest version, but 4.1 itself is pretty strong, and there shouldn’t be any problem in connecting, but many users have complained about the Bluetooth connectivity issue.

What’s In The Box:

  • TREBLAB XR500 Earbuds
  • 3 sizes of Silicone Eartips
  • USB/Micro USB Charging cable
  • Carrying case
  • Cable Clip
  • User Manual

User Experience:

“Bought these in march, and they worked great up until a few weeks ago they just stopped working.”

“They work great as long as your phone or Bluetooth device is within 1 foot and not obstructed by anything.”

“These are great headphones for the price. I have been running with them indoors and out for over six months of training for half and full marathons. They fit well over my ear and stay in place while running. They stay charged for my long runs with some juice leftover.”

“The noise canceling is almost too good, so I have to pay extra attention if there is traffic or other runners nearby. They paired easily with my iPod, but I did have some problems when I tried to switch back and forth between the iPod and my phone, so I reset them all and stick to one Bluetooth device.”

Final Verdict:

With this price tag, the features are great with great user experience. So if you don’t have any issue with the Bluetooth version, then these worth trying.

5. MultiTed MX10 Bluetooth Headphones

(Best Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone)

ONE Day Sale! - The MX10 Bluetooth iPhone Headphones - Ear Buds Wireless Headphones - Designed for Running and Sport Workouts - Built-in Microphone with Noise Cancellation - IPX7 Waterproof

Headphone Type: In Ear
Water Protection: IPX7
Playback Time: 10 hrs
Bluetooth: 4.1 EDR
Connectivity: 33ft

Built-in Microphone


MultiTed MX10 iPhone headphones feature QHD sound quality. A lot of users have commented on its sound quality, and most of them are quite satisfied with it.

With IPX7 water protection, you can easily use them while working out or running or doing your daily exercises. These headphones are protected from sweat and light rain.

Within the package, you will get two sizes of foams and three sizes of earbuds that will fit different ear sizes.

With CVC 6 noise canceling and the playback time up to 10hrs, these sports headphones will give you sufficient back up while working out, and with the noise-canceling technology, you can concentrate and enjoy your workouts.

With Bluetooth 4.1, lagging here, the connectivity is OK with the pluses and minuses. We have found a mix of reactions as far as Bluetooth connectivity is concerned. But overall, it does its job.


It is noticed that some users have experienced that the headphones stopped working after two or three months of use. But in most cased the usage was ok.

User Experience:

“The sound quality is very nice compared to Apple earbuds, but these aren’t high-end phones that have been marked down.”

“Stays on my ears really well, and battery life is pretty good too. If you want these for sometimes use, then they are fantastic.”

“I highly recommend the memory foam ones. 10-hour battery life (rated, not tested) Buttons have a satisfying and noticeable (but not loud) click.”

“I use the foam and is 100% noise canceling that don’t move at all. For $36 bucks, you really can’t beat the price.”

6. Mpow FLAME Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones Sport IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Sport Earbuds, Richer Bass HiFi Stereo In-Ear Earphones, 7-9 Hrs Playback, Running Headphones W/CVC6.0 Noise Cancelling Mic

Headphone Type: In Ear
Water Protection: IPX7
Playback Time: 7-9 hrs
Bluetooth: 4.1


Mpow Flame Bluetooth headphones feature HD stereo sound with high definition and unparalleled rock-solid richer bass.

With the IPX7 protection level, these headphones have reliable water & sweat-proof Nano-coating with improved durability in your workouts or exercises. You can even use them in light rain.

With the fast charging of 1.5hrs, the Bluetooth headphones will give you the playback time of 7-9hrs. Connected with your IOS, it will also show you the remaining battery life.

With the built-in CVC 6.0 noise cancellation, these sports headphones are designed to give you clear sound by eliminating any ambient or distracting noise.

These exceptionally lightweight sports headphones are perfect to use while running, jogging, hiking, yoga, exercises, gym, fitness, traveling, etc.


Some users were experiencing the echo when they touch the cord. Ear hooks are not adjustable as you may have to adjust them to stay tight in the ears.

User Experience:

“Sound quality is surprisingly good (not great obviously) for a budget price.”

“Earphones stayed in and did not fall out of ears during gym workout and cardio.”

“MPOW sent me another set. They are actually really high-quality headphones with very good bass.”

“I’m no audiophile, but to me the sound quality is excellent. These are noticeably better than any other headphones I have.”

Final Verdict:

If you are looking to have headphones that are budget-friendly, good looking, sounds great with reasonable battery life, then you should give it a try.

7. Senso Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Earbuds for Running, Noise Cancelling Headsets for Workout, Sports Earphones Bluetooth 5.0 with Mic, Best Beats Waterproof Cordless Sports Ear Buds for Gym Jogging

Headphone Type: In Ear
Microphone: Built-in
Water Protection: Sweat Resistant
Playback Time: 8 hrs
Bluetooth: 5.0
Range: 30ft


Sanso Bluetooth sport headphones with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology and the 360° antenna ensure the signal doesn’t break at all, and you get the max quality uninterrupted audio while you do your workouts.

With dynamic sound quality, these headphones are good at getting the details of the high-end sound pretty nice. With that quality, you will get a crisp, clear sound to enjoy. “the sound quality and comfort of these Bluetooth headphones seem to either meet or exceed that of the supposed superior brands,” one of the users has added.

The battery consumption is good. The battery takes about 2hrs to charge fully and can give you up to 8hrs of playback. 

The pairing of these sport Bluetooth headphones is pretty simple and straightforward, even if you are the first-timer. 

The over the ear hooks can be molded and are super easy to be adjusted as per your ease and comfort. Adjust them for your ears so that you can concentrate on your exercises without any distractions.

These headphones will work for up to 30ft distance from your audio device. This is fair enough if you are working out or just chilling around your home, no need to carry the audio equipment with you all the time.

With a strong patented structural design and superior quality Components, These top-rated headphones will last a long time and will not disappoint you.


Only sweat resistant (as promised), but try to avoid the usage in the rain.

User Experience:

“I got these in June, and they recently bit the dust. I ran in the rain for a half marathon, and at about mile 6, one side died, then at about mile 8, the other side went. They are not waterproof.”

“Sound quality is quite good – as you’d expect for a small headphone, the bass isn’t awesome, but sounds very nice.”

“I tested the noise cancellation by wearing them around the house. They easily blocked out most household noises.”

“they are easy to use and set up took me a minute or so. Great price, sure beats spending $200+ on some name brand.”

Whats In The Box:

  • 1 Senso Stereo Wireless Headphones
  • 3 Pairs of Comfortable Gel Eartips (Small, Medium, and Large)
  • 1 Wire Tie Cable Adjuster
  • 1 Headphone Carrying Case 
  • 1 Short USB Charging Cable
  • 1 User Manual

8. PHILIPS Bluetooth Neckband Headphones

PHILIPS Bluetooth Neckband Headphones, Wireless Earbuds IPX5 Waterproof Sport Earphones, Lightweight, Deep Bass with 14 Hour Playtime

Headphone Type: In Ear
Water Protection: IPX5
Playback Time: 14 hrs
Bluetooth: 5.0
Call Vibration

Should You Buy These Headphones?


Philips neckband headphones are beautifully designed great-looking on-the-go headphones. These headphones support audio files with higher sampling frequency and bit depth. For the listener, that means precision clarity at the high end and strong, smooth bass at the low end.

Philips neckband earphones have specially designed ear tip that sits comfortably with the natural structure of our ear to ensure no aches and pains if worn for longer periods of time.

The battery consumption is very impressive. Philips neckband headphones will give you 14hrs of playback. With the active noise canceling feature, you will be completely isolated from the rest of the world and will be enjoying whatever you are listening to.

With IPX5 protection, these earphones can give you protection against a low level of sweating but are not recommended for you if you sweat a lot or to be used during rain.

The extra lightweight and ergonomic design will be a lot comfortable while you are doing your routine exercises or just chilling out in your home.

When you get a phone call, the active call vibration alert will notify you of the incoming call. The slender neckband sits comfortably behind your neck. An oval acoustic tube and three sizes of interchangeable rubber earbud covers create a perfect seal.

User Experience:

“The sound quality is excellent, and a bonus USB cord came in the box so you can plug the headset into a 3.5 jack.”

“These are what I’ve been looking for. The sound quality is excellent.”

“Sound quality is so great, its crystal clear and effects are also good. if it can be made to hold tight over neck a little bit more than as it is, it will be perfect.”

“The controls for the device are on the neckband, which stays put nicely.”

Should You Buy Them?

Overall, these are great performing headphones but a bit expensive. The sound quality is excellent, as it’s evident from the reviews and equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, but the IPX5 protection is not attractive.

So if you don’t really care about the waterproofing because of any reason and budget is not a problem, then these headphones worth trying.


9. TREBLAB XR800 Bluetooth Earphones

TREBLAB XR800 - Premium Sport Earphones Bluetooth - Secure-Fit IPX7 Wireless Waterproof Earbuds for Running & Workout. Top True-HD Stereo Sound, Noise Cancelling, Microphone, 2019 Sport Headphones

Headphone Type: In Ear
Water Protection: IPX7
Playback Time: 9 hrs
Bluetooth: 4.1 EDR
Signal Range: 33ft
Passive Noise Cancelling

Expandable Ear Foam Tips


TREBLAB XR800 sport headphones are beautifully designed and shaped that will definitely give you that extra edge at the gym because of its looks.

These best workout headphones feature the passive noise canceling, which, to a great extent, stops all the annoying background noises that literally deviate you from achieving your gym or fitness goals.

With the IPX7 waterproof protection level, you can take the chances of working out in hot, sweaty weather or on rainy days as well. It is advisable that the headphones must be dried right after the workout for long-lasting performance.

The ear hooks are also adjustable. So after wearing the headphones, these can be adjusted from the ear hooks because they are flexible and can be customized as per your ear structure for the most comfortable fit.

The sound quality is fantastic, as one of the many users added in their review, “these earbuds sound incredible and are so incredibly light and comfortable.”

The battery life is very reasonable. On the full charge, these great sounding headphones will give you 9hrs of non-stop playback time, which is more than enough for the majority of the users.


TREBLAB XR800 features Bluetooth 4.1EDR and not the latest 5.0 technology. 

Some users complained that after a few months of use, they were experiencing some charging problems.

User Experience:

“The battery is long-lasting on both of them.”

“he quality of the sound is awesome and very clear. The volume goes from a whisper all the way to rockin’ loud.”

“Started using them for work because of good noise cancellation! Very happy with headphones and highly recommend these!”

“Great for exercising and running. The headphones stay in place and not falling off due to the over the ear hooks. I highly recommend this product.”

10. Knpaimly Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones, 12Hrs & Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Sport Earphones, IPX7 Waterproof Running Headphones w/CVC 6.0 Noise Cancelling Mic, for Running, Gym

Headphone Type: In Ear
Water Protection: IPX7
Playback Time: 12 hrs
Bluetooth: 5.0
CVC 6.0 Noise Cancelling


Knpaimly workout headphones give you awesome performance. These headphones are updated to the latest RCV noise-canceling technology, which allows you to listen to your favorite music, or if taking calls, you get a crisp, clear voice.

The battery consumption is great. These headphones are charged at max 2hrs, and they give you 12hrs of playtime, which is more than enough. Through the app on your smartphone, you can easily check how much battery is left.

The control buttons are available on the earpiece and are super easy to get used to.

With IPX7 water protection, you can use these headphones comfortably while running or in the gym where you are sweating. The IPX7 level gives you protection against light rain showers as well, but you need to dry them when you are done.

The latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology gives you an uninterrupted, more stable, and reliable connection without any breakage within the radius of 30ft. This feature is very useful because you don’t need to carry your audio device with you all the time.


There are a few instances where the users have complained about the microphone problem.

User Experience:

“I have a few pairs of these headphones now. I use them in different places, and they all have held up well.”

“I can say that the clarity of the audio is good, and the design ensures that the earbuds do not fall off my ears.”

“Volume control is impressive – good amplifier. Found & connected quickly to the Bluetooth of my phone.”

“very thing about this earpiece works very fine except one thing which is the in-built mic. It doesn’t work very well, and any time I use this earpiece to receive calls, people on the call with me always complain that they can’t ear me. And I think this is a big issue for me.”

11. Linklike Bluetooth Sport Headphones

Linklike Quad Drivers Bluetooth 5.0 Sport Headphones, 16 Hours Playtime, IPX7 Waterproof, HiFi Sound, Noise Isolating, Lightweight Wireless Workout Earphones with Microphone, Earbuds for Running

Headphone Type: In Ear
Water Protection: IPX7
Playback Time: 16 hrs
Bluetooth: 5.0
Magnetic Earbuds

Quad Driver Technology


Linklike Bluetooth headphones feature dual dynamic driver units. Four drivers in total combining with PU+PEEK composite diaphragm design deliver better low-frequency performance, clear vocals, and Hi-Res high-frequency up to 40Khz.

The 250mAh battery, when fully charged, will give your 16hrs of non-stop playing time, and on standby mode, it will last its charge up to 7 days.

With IPX7 water protection, these headphones can be used for gym or running where you get a lot of sweat, so these are protected against sweat and light rain.

These headphones cannot be used for swimming. If you want to have swimming headphones, you should always go for IPX8 protection.

The ergonomic fit of 120° angle and multiple ear tips ensure these in-ear earbuds are 100% secure if these are used for jogging, biking, exercising.

The built-in MEMS noise-canceling microphone eliminates background noise and delivers clear sound to the other end when making the phone calls.

The memory foam ear tips are designed to give max level of noise cancellation so you can focus on your exercise and stuff while listening to your favorite music without being disturbed by unwanted and irritating noises.


The in-line controls on one side make that side a bit heavier than the other side, so that’s a bit frustrating for some users.

Some users were finding it difficult to pair it with their devices.

User Experience:

“Pretty good battery life. Easy pairing and the buds are the magnets that are kinda cool.”

“Sound quality is very good, could be a little louder, but noise isolation is quite good, which makes up for much of the loudness.”

“Noise-canceling is effective with the provided ear tips. BT range is 33ft, which I expect to be a little longer as it’s BT 5.0, but 33ft is still good for my purpose.”

“Bass is strong if you use the right ear tip size to achieve a good seal.”

12. TBI Pro Bluetooth Headphones

12+Hours Sport Bluetooth Headphones - Professional Wireless Sport Earphones w/Mic - IPX7 Waterproof Deep Bass Music in-Ear Earbuds for Gym, Exercise, Running Workout for Men, Women

Headphone Type: In Ear
Water Protection: IPX7
Playback Time: 12 hrs
Bluetooth: 5.0
Voice Prompt: Yes


TBI Pro sport headphones are beautifully designed headphones that could be your next gym partner.

Its High-fidelity stereo sound with aptX codec and state-of-the-art Intel QCC 3003 chipset provides immersive music experience in the entire frequency range.

These gym headphones are compatible with most iPhone and Android smartphones that can be easily paired with these devices without any trouble.

The upgraded 170mAh battery, with the single full charge, can give you 12+ hrs of playtime and 240hrs on standby mode.

Featuring the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology, compared to Bluetooth 4.1, you will get fast and stable signal transmission, clear sound quality without any interruption, skips, and distortion, and it consumes a lot less power as well.

The IPX7 water protection secures these sport earbuds from getting damaged from sweat or light rain. It is advisable to dry the earphones from any sweat or water splashes after use to keep them safe and secure.

These earphones are not for kids use, because these are not volume-limiting headphones. Wireless earbuds have the IPX7 sweat proof rating, which prevents damage to the headphones from ordinary water spray and rain.


Some users struggled to get used to its size and weight, so that could be a problem.

What’s In The Box:

  • 1 x pair of Memory Foam Earbuds M
  • 3 x pairs of Comfortable Earbuds S/M/L
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Bluetooth Headphones with Cable Clip
  • User’s Manual

User Experience:

“The battery life so far has been great. 6+ hours of phone time and still no recharge.”

“I love to listen to loud music and those on MAX levels – REALLY LOUD High quality and CLEAR SOUND.”

“Sound quality and battery life were good. They stayed in my ears well. The only thing I didn’t like much was how close the on/off button and volume/skip buttons were to each other.”

“The noise cancellation is okay – probably for their size, this is what one should expect.”

13. NANAMI Wireless Earbuds

Bluetooth Headphones,NANAMI Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds IPX7 Waterproof Sports in-Ear Earphones w/Mic,HiFi Stereo Deep Bass Headsets,Magnetic Neckband 10 Hours Playback for Gym Workout

Headphone Type: In Ear
Water Protection: IPX7
Playback Time: 10 hrs
Bluetooth: 5.0
Magnetic Neckband

Microphone: Yes


Nanami wireless earbuds feature the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and advanced QCC3003 chip, NANAMI Bluetooth headphones provide you with faster pairing, and a lot more stable connection with your Bluetooth enabled cell phones and all Bluetooth devices.

From the previous version of these earbuds, Nanami has upgraded its battery to 130mAh that will take up to 2hrs to fully charge, and it will give you the playtime of nearly 10hrs.

When it comes to sound quality, Nanami headphones offer HiFi deeper bass sound that you will enjoy. As one of the users has added his review about the sound quality, “The sound quality for voice and streamed TV or movies is quite good. I’ve been using them recently during my exercise routines, and they are perfect for that.”

Nanami headphones are IPX7 waterproof. These are not designed or waterproofed to be used in swimming. IPX7 level of protection is best for sweat and light rain showers. It is advisable that the headphones must be dried after you use them so that it performs at their best.

Nanami headphones are very lightweight, and you will not feel anything bulky or like when you are running or else. One of the users had added, “It’s a very light headphone, and I can’t even feel it on my neck.” And the built-in magnet on the earbuds makes the headphone attach together when not in use.

The controls are on the neckband and are pretty easy to understand and operate.


There are a few instances where the users have complained that they experienced some skipping and cutting of voice with these headphones.

User Experience:

“I use for all my phone calls and music. Very long battery life.”

“The sound quality of voice and streamed TV or movies is quite good. I’ve been using them recently during my exercise routines, and they are perfect for that.”

“Easy to keep around the neck all day with the magnetic tips.”

“Have been able to make and hear phone calls, but the person on the other end cannot hear. I tried many calls, then accepted the fact this headphone will not work for calls.”

14. ZEALOT Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones IPX7 Waterproof,Wireless Sports Earphones w/Mic,Bluetooth 5.0 Sweatproof Stereo Bass in-Ear Earbuds,8 Hour Battery Noise Cancelling Headsets Microphone for Gym Workout

Headphone Type: In Ear
Water Protection: IPX7
Playback Time: 8 hrs
Bluetooth: 5.0
Noise Cancelling: Yes


Zealot headphones are beautifully designed great looking and stylish in-ear headphones that are available in four different colors.

The new and improved design is lightweight, and the sound quality is good to be used on a daily basis. The ergonomically designed ear hooks are easy to wear and will adjust on your ears comfortably.

As Zealot headphones are only 0.64oz in weight, they won’t feel anything if you are wearing them for a longer period of time.

Zealot earbuds come with fast charging. The battery gets fully charged in only 1.5hrs, and it will give you the playtime of eight hours and 350hrs of standby time, whether you are talking on the phone or listening to music.

The controls are pretty easy to understand and operate. With built-in Bluetooth 5.0 technology and CVC6.0 active noise-canceling technology, you will enjoy a stable, loud, and clear sound on a phone call.

Zealot headphones are IPX7 waterproof. This means that the headphones can be used without any fear in sweat and light rain showers. These are not designed to be used for swimming. If you wish to have swimming headphones, you should always look for IPX8 waterproof headphones or earbuds.


Some users have complained about the Bluetooth connection issues, Low battery life, and a few have added that the headphones died just because of sweat.

User Experience:

“These are supposed to be “waterproof”? They are NOT! I used them for two weeks, and they just stopped working! I used them at the gym.”

“The headphones work great. The sound quality is also good and syncs easily with my phone/iPad, but I can’t seem to wear them longer than 30 mins as it hurts the top part of my ear.”

“Wore these to the gym. The sound quality was pretty decent, just enough base mixed in with the clarity of the music. Running on the treadmill, I had no issues with them coming out of my ears. Fit comfortably around and in-ear.”

“These actually sound pretty good, and when you factor in the price, they are a great deal. I have had them for about a month or so, and they are a pleasant surprise.”

Best Budget

15. Sonify Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth Headphones, IPX7, Sweatproof, Waterproof Earbuds, Noise Canceling, Stereo Earbuds, W/Mic, Secures Over The Ear for, Running, Gym, Workout, up to 8 Hour Battery

Headphone Type: In Ear
Water Protection: IPX7
Playback Time: 8 hrs
Bluetooth: 4.1 EDR
Noise Cancelling: Yes

Microphone: Yes
Voice Prompt: Yes


Sonify headphones are the best budget headphones that are just over $10. These in-ear headphones feature Bluetooth 4.1EDR.

Sonify headphones are very comfortable to wear during your routine workouts or exercises and will not feel burdened if you wear them all day long.

These headphones come with Bluetooth stereo bass sound and excellent stereo sound with Clear high and low volume. 

The earbuds come with sound and noise Isolation technology that will reduce outside noises and will enable clearer music and microphone sound. 

Sonify headphones feature built-in mic and voice notification for incoming calls. The battery will be fully charged in less than 2hrs, and it will give you the playtime of 8hrs with 240hrs of standby time. 

With IPX7 protection, the Sonify waterproof headphones can be used in sweat and light rain showers. You CANNOT use them for swimming. If you need swimming headphones, you should be looking for IPX8 protection. 

The Bluetooth connectivity range is up to 30ft in open area, and in the obstructed area, it’s about 10ft. 

If you are looking for the cheapest Bluetooth headphones that come with a 1-year warranty, Sonify headphones should be your choice. 


Some complaints about Bluetooth connectivity.

What’s In The Box:

  • Headset
  • 3 Sets of ear tips (S,M,L)
  • Cord clip
  • Charging cable

User Experience:

“These headphones work great, and they sound amazing! The packaging is very nice. I was pretty surprised at how high the quality was for the price.”

“I can pair it up with two devices simultaneously, and as soon as you turn it on, it will connect automatically.”

“The battery life is a little short for my liking, and their range is short then I’m used to. But the sound is great. Good base and mid-range. Very comfortable in the ear.”

“The range isn’t that good unobstructed I can’t get very far from my phone without it cutting out.”

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for the cheapest Bluetooth headphones that come with a 1-year warranty, Sonify headphones definitely worth trying.

16. Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Sport, Sport Wireless Headphones w/BT 5.0/Bass/2 EQ, IPX6 Waterproof Stereo Headphones, 9 Hrs Playtime, Wireless Earbuds for Running w/CVC6.0 Noise Canceling Mic

Headphone Type: In Ear
Water Protection: IPX6
Playback Time: 9 hrs
Bluetooth: 5.0
Noise Cancelling: Yes

Neckband: Adjustable
Ear Wings: Yes


Mpow neckband headphones have a very stylish design that really looks great when in use.

These headphones have the IPX6 water-resistant, which means it will prevent the headphones from getting damaged in sweat and light rain showers but should NOT be used for swimming. If you want to have headphones for swimming, you should look for IPX8 ratings.

Since these headphones are meant to be used by adults for workouts or running purposes, these don’t have volume limiting feature what is necessary for kids, so these headphones should not be used as kids headphones as well. You can find Kids Headphones here.

The latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides faster pairing, more reliable wireless connection, better sound transmission, and wider compatibility with Bluetooth enabled devices.

When fully charged, these neckband headphones will give you 9hrs of playtime. The battery will take only 2hrs to full charge.

Its dual equalizers allow you to switch between 2 sound modes conveniently. You can freely choose bass + or Well-balanced sound by pressing the multi-function button and volume- button together.

Four sizes of ear tips and three sizes of ear wings are included for enhanced comfort and stability. With the built-in CVC 6.0 active noise canceling feature, the mic can reduce or eliminate noises during hands-free calls.


The sound may stop from one side after some usage (as per user experience)

User Experience:

“I drive Semi-trucks and use this daily. It was awesome in the beginning, but when it comes to people hearing me during phone calls, the device is getting worse and worse.”

“I do like these – they have been reliable for a few months now. The issue is, now, the left side has stopped working.”

“After extensive use, I really enjoy these headphones. They are comfortable, and I can listen to music for hours at a time. The only negative I have about it is that for some reason, the battery life reads fully charged, but I get a constant beeping every 5-10 min without fail.”

“Haven’t had them for more than two weeks but so far so good. The sound quality is surprisingly amazing, especially the bass.”

17. Linklike Headphones

Linklike Quad Drivers Bluetooth 5.0 Sport Headphones Classic 10 HiFi Sound, IPX7 Waterproof Earbuds, Noise Canceling Mic HD Calls Lightweight Wireless Earphones for Sport Workout Running

Headphone Type: In Ear
Water Protection: IPX7
Playback Time: 8 hrs
Bluetooth: 5.0
Quad Drivers: Yes

Noise Cancelling: Yes


Linklike headphones are beautifully designed magnetic earbuds that are the best Bluetooth headphones under $30.

Linklike headphones feature 4 drivers in total combining with PU+PEEK composite diaphragms design deliver better-balanced bass, clear vocals, and Hi-Res high-frequency sound quality.

The sound chamber, neckband, and ear tips feature the stylish color scheme for a timeless aesthetic, allowing you to make a bold fashion statement everywhere you go.

The 45⁰ oblique angle, adjustable cable clip, ear wings, and three sizes of ear tips included ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

The 2nd generation nano-coating tech provides reliable IPX7 water & sweat-proof and improved durability in intense workouts in light rain. These headphones should not be used for swimming. If you want to have headphones for swimming, you should go for IPX8 protection.

Linklike headphones feature built-in CVC noise-canceling. The microphone eliminates background noise effectively and ensures crystal clear communication from both sides.

The in-line controls are very easy to use, allowing you to take calls, skip music, and adjust volume without interrupting what you are focusing on.

The battery consumption is good. With a full charge, these headphones will give you 8hrs of playtime and 120hrs of standby time.


For some users, the wire is a bit long, and the magnets are not that strong as compared to Classic 9.

User Experience:

“After a few days of using the Classic 10’s, I’ll say the sound quality is great. They stay in the ear. But the long wire really gets in the way for me. 4 days after purchasing the headphones started powering off after about 2 minutes. Even with its being100% charge.”

“The real surprise was the sound. I am comparing them to a pair of quad driver Shure earbuds that cost me over $900.”

“They were good quality, and the wire between the two is useful to keep the earbuds from falling off.”

“These earphones have very good sound quality. The design is unique, and I think this design works well to increase sound quality.”

“These Headphones sound great! They have excellent bass and treble response, sound clear and crisp at all volumes, and have amazing noise-canceling qualities.”

18. Bliiq Bluetooth Headphones

Bliiq Bluetooth Headphones, HiFi Bass Stereo with Mic, [Hummingbird][Ambient Mode|SpinFit Earbuds] Noise Cancellation, Water-Resistant Wireless Sport Earphones for Running Workout Gym

Headphone Type: In Ear
Water Protection: Yes
Playback Time: 7-9 hrs
Bluetooth: 5.0
HiFi Bass Stereo: Yes

Noise Cancelling: Yes
Ambient Mode: Yes
Quick Charge: Yes


Bliiq headphones are a bit on the expensive side, but with that, the features are worth mentioning.

Bliiq headphones come in two different colors, Red and Black. Bliiq sport headphones feature a new (FLEX-design) elastic non-sticky sweat material that is soft, secure, and super comfy.

These sport headphones are designed to be used during high fatigue sports, like running, biking, etc.

With the introduction of Hummingbird’s Ambient Mode, you don’t need to take off the headphones to listen to the surrounding noises. Just one click, and you will hear your surroundings pretty clearly.

The battery life of Bliiq sport headphones is pretty impressive. With the full charge, these headphones will give you 14hrs of playtime, and if you charge it only for 10min that the backup time you get will be 1hr.

Bliiq has introduced the Spinfit earbuds, SPINFIT has a flexible core design allows the ear tip to be inserted deeper into the ear, enabling less obstructing and enabling you to concentrate on your goals.

Bliiq headphones are water-resistant with a nano-technology coating to prevent damage from sweat, daily use, training.

The Hummingbird inspired earphones features deep, responsive bass and dynamic tonal highs that combine to produce a rich sound.

What’s In The Box:

  • 1 x Hummingbird Earphone
  • 1 x Leather Carrying Case
  • 2 x Cone Bi-Flange Eartips / 2 x Round Bi-Flange Eartips / 6 x SpinFit Eartips
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide / 1 x Safety Information

User Experience:

“It feels amazing and looks good. I love the bass so much. It was awkward at first for me putting them on. After few tries, I could put them on easily. Now I could exercise while wearing these without the headphone wire connecting to my phone.”

“Great quality and sound, and it’s really comfortable! It’s good for exercise or just want to enjoy good music. Highly recommend it.”

“bought this exclusively for the warranty, and it does not exist!”

“These work so awesome good sound quality perfect for when the baby goes to bed. Saving for a pair for my son”


We have tried our level best to provide you the best waterproof bluetooth headphones in the list above, but since nothing is perfect in this world, we would like you to decide on your preferences and liking.

But if you ask us, we will highly recommend you to go for Mpow Flame 2, the best waterproof Bluetooth headphones.

Here are the best headphones for swimming, if you are looking for best swimming headphones.