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Best Headphones For School – When the schools are getting started we all, as parents, are heading out for shopping for pens, highlighters, notebooks, and… headphones? Yes, headphones too. We know parents and elementary educators struggle to find the best headphones for school use and to give that extra edge where the students can learn in a better environment.

There are many wired headphones w/o microphone, available in the market that will claim a lot of good things, but in fact, some will sound bad, some will hurt kids ears, or some are very expensive.

Below we are shortlisting the best wired headphones for kids in the business that are specially designed to keep kids comfortable and are budget-friendly as well.

What to consider when purchasing a school headphone? (a short video)

How to choose the best headphones for school use?

After conducting a lot of research on kid’s headphones, what is best for them to use in their schools as well as at home, we came to know that there are just a few important points that are crucial to consider.

So here, we would like to pass the info on to you so that it gets clear and easy for you to understand what you need to consider while selecting the best quality headphones for school use.

If you are in a hurry you can watch this short video or you can read the text below.

Volume Limiting Option:

When we talk about kid’s headphones, the most important feature to look for in a headphone is the “volume limiting” feature. Kids’ ears are very vulnerable, and they must be protected from any damage.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), kids must not be listening to any audio that is more than 85db for more than one hour. 85db is a relatively safer volume level, and kids must have a break of about 10-15min after one hour of headphone usage.

On-ear vs. Over-ear

The usage of headphones in schools is growing every day and children have to wear the headphones for a significant amount of time.

So it’s very important that the comfort level of the headphones must be higher.

If a child complains about discomfort or ear pain, the simplest solution is to get him/her the over-ear headphones instead of on-ear headphones.

Over-ear headphones sit comfortably around the ear and don’t put any pressure on the ears.

Also, they block out the surrounding noises and helps the child concentrate on the work. The over-head secure fit with soft ear cushions makes the headphones comfortable to use.

Foam vs. Leather Ear Cushions:

Ear cushions are normally made of either foam cushions or vinyl / synthetic leather.  

Foam cushioned headphones are less expensive. The foam pieces are easier to replace, but from the hygiene point of view, it’s not as good as leather because it can hold germs in it when it moves from student to student or if used throughout the day, so it is not easy to sanitize.

In the case of leather cushions, they can be wiped off pretty easily, can be sanitized quickly. As compared to foam cushions, synthetic leather ear cushions could be a bit expensive

If the headband is more grippy and tight and the headphones are in use for a longer time, then the possibility of ears getting hurt is more.

In these circumstances, the over-ear headphones are much more comfortable as compared to on-ear, but given the fact that over-ear headphones are a bit bulky and you may not prefer that.


There are two types of microphones that come with the headphones, in case you want to purchase a headphone with a microphone.

In-line microphone: In-line microphone is the one that is built within the cable that is attached to the earpiece of your headphone.

Boom microphone: The boom mic is a traditional microphone that comes out and extends in front of your face or mouth.

Now there are some Pros n Con to both of the types.

In-Line Microphone:

  • More durable. Because it is in-line, so its less likely to be damaged or broken with rough use.

  • Less accurate. The voice reception may hinder when you turn your face in different directions.

Boom Microphone:

  • Voice reception is more accurate because the mic is placed right in front of the student’s mouth, and it moves with the face movement.

  • Its an attachment to the headphone, so it could be damaged pretty easily


If the headphones are to be used by a kindergarten child, then its extremely important that the headphone is adjustable to that extent to fit that little child’s head.

Sound Quality:

Sound quality really matters a lot. Usually, kids use headphones for listening to their favorite music or for playing games. If kids are used to certain sound standard at home, it is highly recommended that you should get you kid headphones of the same or better standard to maintain that sound quality.

If the sound quality of the headphones used at school is inferior to those used at home, then the chances are that the kid will lose interest in listening to audios at school.

Also, to enhance and maintain the interest of the kid in school lessons, it is recommended that the good sounding headphones must be preferred.


Usually, the headphones, especially kid’s headphones, are made of plastic and kids, have the tendency to play with things and break them pretty often. So if the headphones have several moving parts instead of one solid built, the chances are that the headphones won’t last long.

Metal built is preferred over plastic because it’s a lot durable, but some headphones are built like metal with plastic coating to make them long-lasting and durable. So you need to consider that as well.

Noise Cancelling:

If we talk about headphones that cancel or block ambient noises, we must emphasize on how this is done. It is done in two different methods.

Electronically and Manually

Headphones that use the noise cancelling feature, normally adapt the electronic method. When the feature is turned on, the headphones use charge to produce a certain frequency sound, which we cannot hear, and this sound is opposite to the intruding sound. Thus the outer sound cannot enter the headphones to reach our ears.

But in case of kid’s headphones, the noises are blocked manually, by providing extra thick and soft ear cushions in over-ear headphones which sit comfortably around the ear and eventually blocks minor noises of the classroom and other students.

Best Headphones For School Reviews

When finding the best kids headphones for school use, Noot products K11 on-ear headphones for kids are the best quality headphones for school with a very reasonable price.

They are available in several different colors.

Noot headphones padded soft cushions. Noot headphones for classroom features noise reduction to clearly hear the voice and stay attentive and learn quickly and comfortably.

These classroom headphones feature soft adjustable headband that has the room to fit all head sizes. These headphones are specially designed for kids aged three and above.

These headphones are foldable and can be placed easily in your backpack without taking much of the space.

The cord attached is a nylon braided cable that is 5 feet long and is very sturdy. The headset comes with a 24-month warranty.


You will not get a microphone, remote, or volume control on these headphones.

User Experience:

One user who awarded these headsets a 4-star rating said, “the sound quality is not even close to what any audiophile would want to use, or even a regular person, but for small kids who watch cartoons and listen to a bit of music, these are perfectly satisfactory.”

A granddad purchased these for his 4-year old grandson and said, “The only reason for a 4-star rating instead of 5-star rating is due to being bulky for travel. However, earbuds would never have worked, so I was prepared for bulky.”Elecder i37 Kids Headphones

Elecder i37 are among the best headphones for elementary school students that are also very budget-friendly.

Elecder i37 kids school headphones are available in many beautiful colors as well.

Elecder i37 kids headphones feature excellent stereo bass sound quality at the given price tag. It has the 3.5mm plug, which is compatible with all those devices that features a 3.5mm jack.

These kid’s headsets feature a very durable cord, which doesn’t tangle. The cord length is reasonably long i.e., 4.9 feet.

The headband is soft and adjustable. The headset can be adjusted on kid’s heads, and with the given adjusters, it can easily be adjusted on many adults as well.

The foldable design makes these headphones very convenient to carry without taking much space in your bag. These headphones come with a 1-year warranty.

User Experience:

The majority of the user are very satisfied with these headphones. One happy user has added in the reviews that these are the best headphones made for kids. Another user added that these headphones fit very comfortably on my 3-year old son.

Another happy mon added that her kids love these headphones since they both have kindles, and they watch in the car.

One of the happy users has added that “my 7-year old son used them, and he says that these are quite comfortable to wear and the sound is good too.”

Nenos over-ear kid’s headphones are also rated among the best children’s headphones 2020. These headphones are available in many different and beautiful colors.

If you want to share some music or any audio with someone else, splitters are not required. These headphones connect with other headsets with the help of a cord.

The volume of this headphone is deliberately kept low. The reason behind this is to protect the kid’s ears.

These headphones are recommended for children aged between 3-8. With the soft ear pads, these headphones are smooth and comfortable to wear, and they are very lightweight as well i.e. 6.4oz.

These headphones are foldable and so are easy to carry, and these headphones are specially designed for kids.

User Experience:

A few users complained that these headphones stopped working after a few months, and they were unhappy with its short life span.

A mom who recently purchased these headphones for her daughter said, “These headphones are pretty neat. I purchased them for my daughter, and she really likes them.”

Another happy user added, “Fits my 3.5 yr old perfectly. The cord seems to be really high quality.”

Elecder i36, the best headphones for elementary school students are also one of the top ones having a lot of reviews, and 77% of the users have awarded this headphone a 5-star rating.

These headphones are available in seven different colors. The sound quality of this headphone is very good.

Elecder kids headphones features a 3.5mm plug that is compatible with all those devices that features a 3.5mm jack. The extra durable cord is coated with a high-quality cloth that makes the cord long-lasting and heavy-duty. The cord is 4.9 feet in length.

The headset can be adjusted to 1.5” to fit different head sizes. This headset is made for children, but adults can also wear these adjustable headphones pretty easily.

This headphone is foldable, and because of this feature, it can be carried pretty easily, and your kid can easily store it even in his/her tiny bag.

The headphone comes with a 1-year warranty.

User Experience:

One mom is pleased about these headphones because she said that her daughter breaks a few pairs in a year, so to her surprise, these are durable. She was happy that the cord was covered, and the ear pads are comfortable.

One lady lends these to her niece for her 10-hour car ride. She loved them, and she said that they were very comfortable.

Mpow CH6 is the best headphones for high school students. They are very good looking and beautifully built headphone for kids to be used in their classrooms.

It has more than 1700 reviews to date, and more than 70% of the users have awarded this headphone 5-star ratings.

It has an impressive stereo sound so that the kids can listen to music etc. in a much original manner.

It has a 3.5mm plug that is compatible with all those devices which have a 3.5mm jack.

To protect kid’s ears, it has two volume levels, 85Db and 94Db. When your kid is sitting in a quiet and normal environment without much noise in the surrounding, he/she can reduce the volume level to 85db so that he can listen to the audio for longer times without hurting ears.

The headphone sound can be shared with two devices simultaneously without the use of splitters.

The soft and comfortable plush ear pads give your ears a soothing and comfortable feel, and you can enjoy the music for hours.

Because of the adjusters, the headphone sits and grips any head size. The headphone can be folded to take min amount of space while you are on the go, and because of that, it can be packed in your kid’s tiny bags as well.

User Experience:

Have a quick look at some of the reviews left by the users about these kid’s headphones.

“My 8-year-old daughter uses them for school and recreationally for music or occasionally for watching something on a tablet. She LOVES the color blue of her Mpow headphones and says the headphones are incredibly comfortable to wear.”

“The only frustration I have is that the cord isn’t attached to the headphones so it can get disconnected easily. These are for my five years old, and I’m sure this will happen a lot, and he’s going to get frustrated with it.”

“They’re nice looking and feel good, and they’re volume-limiting as I wanted”

6. OneOdio - Best Headphones for High School Girls

OnOdio headphones are the best headphones for high school girls. To date, it has more than 1500 reviews and more than 70% of the users have awarded it 5-star ratings.

The headphone is a bit expensive, but the sound quality is exceptional. The earpads are very comfortable cushions that sit comfortably on your ears and give you the best of the sound with noise isolation.

The headband is adjustable and stretchable to fit, and so you can adjust it per your desire and comfort.

A long 9.8 feet cord is also included with the package with a 6.3mm and a 3.5mm plug on both sides. The length of the cord is perfect to be plugged in the tv of else, and you can enjoy your movies sitting in your favorite chair with the headphones on.

It includes a single-sided monitoring 90° swiveling earcups for single-ear monitoring that is completely self-adjustable.

The headphone is foldable and can be kept in the bag or else, easily.

User Experience:

One user has added, “Overall, these are perfect headphones for sound quality, but the plastic build isn’t the best, even for a budget headphone.”

Another user who use them for mixing and stuff added, “I like the design of these cans. Comfortable, attractive, they look like $300 headphones.”

“They’re not super noise-blocking, but without active noise canceling, I didn’t have high expectations for that.”

iClever, best children’s headphones 2020, are available in four different colors. The overall performance of the headphones is pretty decent, and more than 70% of the users have awarded a 5-star rating.

The built-in sound adjuster does not let the volume exceed 94db. Hence it will not harm your kid’s ears if listening for too long.

With stainless steel adjusters on both sides, the headband is covered with thick foamy stuff that will give your kid the pillow-soft effect and will not feel heavy even after long hearing sessions.

These wired headphones are very durable and flexible to any degree, designed to withstand the kids use.

The audio cord is made of premium quality nylon fabric that makes the cord very sturdy and cannot be easily damaged if pulled or stretched or dragged by kids.

These tangle-free wired headphones are foldable as well. And because of that, it can be stored or kept in your kid’s tiny bags and can be carried easily.

The headphones are only 6.1oz heavy. So they are very lightweight, and your kid will not feel anything if used for too long.

These are best for kids aged three and above.

User Experience:

One user experienced fantastic customer care response and shared it, “Unfortunately, after several months, the ear padding was coming apart on the one at school, and the one at home stopped working altogether. I noticed that the company had a very good warranty on them, so I wrote to them and explained my issue. They very quickly responded apologetically, and immediately shipped out two replacements.”

Many of the users admitted that customer care is incredible, and they have responded fast and took care of the situation very quickly and professionally.

Elecder i41, best headphones for middle school students, come in eight different colors. It has excellent ratings, and more than 80% of the users have awarded these headphones 5-star ratings.

Elecder kids headphones feature excellent quality stereo bass sound to enjoy the natural sound of your audio. The attached 3.5mm plug is compatible with all those devices which features a 3.5mm jack support.

High-quality nylon is used to cover the main cord to protect it from rough use; specially kids use to last long and perform as per demand.

The cord length is 4.9ft, which is quite reasonable. The headphones are adjustable and fit on most of the head sizes pretty comfortably.

The headphones are foldable, which makes these headphones convenient to carry and can be packed easily in the tiny bags of your kids.

The headphones come with a year warranty.

User Experience:

One of the users shared, “Great product and great pricing.”

Another user said, “These are not sized for kids. Way too big for my seven and 9-year-old.”

This other user complained and said, “The only complaint I have is that my daughter complained that they hurt her ears. Maybe she was wearing them for too long. Otherwise very pleased with the product.”

This user is happy about these headphones and added, ”Finally, we found a great set of headphones for our kids to use with their IPads.”

POWMEE M2 wired headphones for kids come in many different and beautiful colors. The price of this wired headphone is very reasonable, and it has an excellent rating, i.e., more than 80% of the users have awarded this wired headphone 5-star review.

The headband is adjustable like almost every other headphone and is covered with a snug pad cushion that feels very comfortable.

The extra soft protein earmuffs feel really comfortable, and you can wear them for longer times without feeling tired.

These on-ear headphones are specially designed to be extra lightweight to keep kids comfortable while they are wearing it and that the outside noises are to be blocked.

The cord length is 4.2ft and is nylon braided, which makes the cord very sturdy and long-lasting. The tangle-free nylon braided cord is specially made to bear the hard times when kids are playing with them. 😊

These wired on-ear headphones have a 3.5mm plug that is compatible with all devices that support 3.5mm jack.

These headphones come with a year warranty.

User Experience:

One of the father purchased it for his kid and added, “Kids like the color but a bit cheaply made. Though reasons for the price.”

One mom bought them for her daughter, “she absolutely loves the baby pink color and how comfortably they sit on her head. I would definitely recommend for Ages 5-7 and for any use.”

Another user shared his experience, “I’ve had them for less than two months, and they have already stopped working.”

MonoTurls On-ear kid’s headphones are available in two different color combinations. These wired headphones have good ratings and reviews, and more than 70% of the users have awarded 5-star ratings.

These are stereo bass headphones with pretty good sound quality. It has a 3.5mm plug that is compatible with those devices which support a 3.5mm jack.

The weight of these on-ear kid’s headphones is 8.3oz, which is very lightweight that the kids are not going to feel it like a burden and can easily enjoy them for a longer time.

The attached cord length is 3.9ft and is covered with high-quality nylon, which is very durable and cannot be damaged easily. Perfect for kids’ use.

These volume-limiting headphones are adjustable and can sit comfortably on any head size. The earpads are pretty soft because these are on-ear headphones, the ear pads must be extra soft so that they don’t hurt your kid’s ears.

The folding headphones can be kept and stored easily in any bag or your kid’s tiny bags as well.

User Experience:

One of the users said, “these are lightweight, and they fit well. The sound quality for what I need is fine.”

A mom bought them for her daughter, and the headphone broke after three months, she shared her experience, “My daughter had these for three months before they broke. Customer service was AMAZING. Replaced them right away.”

Another happy mom added, “I like that there is some volume limiting, unlike any adult headphones.”

Elecder i42, on-ear kids headphones, are one of the best headphones for school with reasonable amount of reviews and excellent ratings. More than 80% of the users have awarded a 5-star rating to this headphone for its performance.

These wired headphones are available in 3 different and beautiful colors. The price is also very reasonable.

These headphones have built-in limiting volume, and it will not exceed 85db. This feature is fantastic because kids need to listen to there music and else at a very controlled level so that they don’t hurt their ears.

The stereo bass sound gives perfect sound effects to enjoy music and other audio files.

The cord length is very reasonable, i.e., 4.9ft. The cord is covered in high-quality nylon to make it very sturdy and long-lasting.

These headphones are adjustable as well. It can sit easily and comfortably at all head sizes. These folding headphones are easy to carry and can be kept and stored easily in your kid’s bag.

These headphones come with a one-year warranty.

User Experience:

One of the users has added, “Very soft and comfortable for my two y/o. The best thing is that the volume doesn’t go very high.”

Another parent added his comment about these headphones, “These headphones fit my daughters head great and without the hassle of the little buds hurting or falling out.”

Another user purchased it for his kids, and he added, “Good headphones for kids. Comfy and well made. My five and 7-year-olds have them for their tablets.”

Vogek wired headphones are great looking at a very reasonable price. Because of its performance, it has gathered a fair amount of reviews, and more than 80% of the users have awarded a 5-star rating to this headphone.

With the 3.5mm sharing jack port on one side of the headphone, your kids can share and enjoy the music together.

The sound quality of these headphones is excellent. The enhanced bass makes the listening experience much more realistic and enjoyable.

The built-in volume-limiting feature is perfect, and the volume will not go more than 85db.

This headphone for kids features a built-in microphone from where they can answer the phone call with just one click of the button and can perform play/pause as well.

These adjustable kids’ headphones are comfortable to wear and can be adjusted easily on any head size. The earpads are super comfortable and are made of good quality protein sponge and soft leather.

User Experience:

One user added his experience like this, “These are really cute and seem to work okay for the price. They are a bit flimsy, though.”

Another user shared his experience like this, “Ears didn’t stay attached. Other than the ears, they are great.”

Another happy user added, “Easy enough to change the ears out between cat and bunny that my eight years old swap them. She enjoys the headphones.”

Riwbox CS6 kid’s headphones are lightweight and are available in three different colors for you to choose from. They are beautiful and are specially designed for little girls. ( could be an excellent gift for them 😊 )

These over-ear headphones for kids have excellent reviews, and more than 85% of the users have awarded a 5-star rating for its performance.

It comes with a 3.5mm plug that can be used on all those devices which support 3.5mm jack, and one side of the headphone has the sharing port where you can share the music or whatever you are listening to with your friends.

These beautifully designed headphones with wings on each side makes them more attractive as far as kids are concerned.

You will find a built-in microphone as well where you kids can answer the phone calls easily without taking off the headphones.

These over-ear kid’s headphones feature the adjusters where the headphones can be adjusted to all head sizes. The snug pads and cushioned earpads are very comfortable, and it gives your kid an excellent listening experience.

The foldable option will take no space when you are keeping them in your kid’s bags.

User Experience:

“For the price, this pair of headphones does its job.”

“Got these for my six years old. She says they are very comfortable. The cord is decently long.”

“Purchased this for my 2yr old great-granddaughter. It is still a bit large and does not adjust down.”


Headphones make a significant difference in the way our kids get an education. In this way, a whole new world may open upon them, and the students probably achieve the new motivational and inspirational levels in their education.

Headphones help the kids to interact and stay connected with the lessens, and this helps them to get education in a more effective way.

We really hope this post will help you find the best headphones for school use that can really help your child to learn and grow in a more effective way.