best earbuds for kids

To find the Best earbuds for kids is hard because the market is siturated with thousands of options.

To make this big task easy, we need to keep it simple. The best earbuds our kids are those which has the volume limiting feature!

Our kids has very vulnerable ears and its our responsibility to take care of them as much as possible. The volume limiting feature, the earbuds do not allow the volume to exceed 85db which is a safe volume level.

Sounds at or below 70 dBA are generally considered safe. Any sound at or above 85 dBA is more likely to damage your hearing over time.” Noisyplanet

Below we have shortlisted ten best earbuds for kids that features volume limiting, so our kids can enjoy their best times and stay safe as well. 😊

Best Earbuds For Kids 2020 Reviews

1. Symphonized Kids Volume Limited Earbuds

Symphonized, The Best Earbuds For Kids 2020

  • Made from natural wood
  • Volume Limiting / 85db
  • Ear tips comes in 3 sized
  • In-line controls with microphone
  • 3.5mm jack
  • A bit large in size

Symphonized, best earbuds for kids, are very well designed and are available in four different color choices. It has a decent amount of reviews, and so far, 61% of the users have awarded a 5-star rating against its performance. 

These earphones are made of natural wood to give your kid a naturally minimized sound that helps in protecting the ears as well. The wood eliminates the unnatural sound echos generated in the metal frame.

These earbuds will generate the max volume of 85db that is safer for your kid’s ears. As said earlier, the 85db is also not a very safe level but providing the technology, we have to live with it. This is highly recommended that your kid should take a break for about 15 to 20min after every two-hour listening.

These earbuds are recommended for kids of age 5+. The silicone ear tips come in three sizes, small, medium, and large.

The earphones come with in-line controls and microphone. He/she can easily control skipping track and control volume.

With 3.5mm jack, these earphones are compatible with all those devices which supports 3.5mm jack.

User Reviews:

One of a grateful mother added, “These are small, not supper ‘little kiddy’ looking, pack easily in his school bin, and most importantly, protect his hearing in the long run. THANK YOU for making and carrying something like that. He says they sound good and are comfortable, too.”

Another user was concerned about the size of the earbuds and added, “The sound is clear and is limiting for kids. They are very nice buds, great quality, but I was looking for small buds that would fit my son’s ears.”

One of the grandparents added, “My grandson’s Mom wanted her sons to protect their hearing, so we chose these. They are very low sounding but is what she was wanting.”

2. LilGadgets Volume Limiting Earbuds for Kids

LilGadgets, The Best Earbuds For kids 2020

  • Volume Limiting
  • Multiple size eartips
  • Tangle free cable
  • Durable material
  • Noise Reduction
  • Sharing port / Splitter
  • To some users, the earbuds are a bit large for small kids

LilGadgets, the 2nd best earbuds for kids on our list that has the volume limiting feature.

These earbuds are available in three different and beautiful colors. Having a good amount of reviews from the users, more than 50% have awarded it a 5-star rating.

With a volume limiting feature, the earbuds come with three size ear tips to best suit your kid’s ear sizes. When checking the reviews, some users complained that the headphones are a bit too large for small kids.

These earphones are recommended for kids over six years of age, so you might find them large for kids below the age of six.

These earbuds come with a tangle-free cable that has an in-line volume control, play-pause buttons, and microphone.

These earphones come with a travel pouch where you or your kid can easily store your earphones safe without the fear of losing them while travelling.

The package includes a sharing port, where music and other audios can be easily shared with other friends.

User Reviews:

“Too big for my 5yr olds’ ears. Even with the smallest earpiece, they constantly fell out. We will keep them because they seem very well made but had to go with something else for now.”

Another user added, “The quality of the headphone is good with the appropriate kid-friendly maximum volume.”

“They’re cute, and they work well. However, the smallest size did not fit my four-year-olds’ ear. They say 6 and up so I was taking a chance. I couldn’t find other earbuds for kids like this.” One of the mothers added.

3. iFrogz Animatones Volume Limiting Earbuds for Kids

iFrogz, The Best Budget Earbuds for Kids 2020

  • Volume limitting
  • Cord length 1.2m
  • Available in Blue and Red
  • Some users showed concerns that these are not as good in limiting volume as they should.

iFrogz, the best budget earbuds for kids with volume-limiting option have got a decent amount of reviews given by the users.

The price tag is pretty decent, and 38% of users have awarded these earphones a 5-star rating, but 29% of the users have given it 1-star ratings.
iFrogz, the best earbuds for kids features volume-limiting which we think is a must in kids earphones or headphones. Many kids these days use these headphones in their schools as well, and that’s why a volume limiting feature is a must to protect the kid’s ears.
With the cord length of 1.2m, which is pretty decent, the earphones are very lightweight and come in a beautiful blue color.

User Reviews:

“I tried using them to make sure they were volume limiting, but I don’t think these work to limit volume.”
“Got these for my granddaughter and the stopped working in 2 months, and the sad excuse for ear pads tore and came off constantly. Add in my granddaughter said she couldn’t hear the sound well, and not worth the money.”
“Great for the kids. The volume-limiting really works and helps keep little ears safe.”

4. QearFun Earbuds for Kids with Storage Case

QearFun, Best Budget Earbuds for Kids

  • In-line controls with microphone
  • Comfortable ear gels
  • Hard protective case
  • Short life span (as per users)

QearFun earbuds for kids with storage case are available in 6 different colors and cat patterns. A decent amount of reviews and more than 45% of the users has awarded a 5-star rating to these earbuds against its performance.

QearFun earbuds are so far one of the best budget earbuds for kids under $10. The in-line volume control and play-pause options make them easy to answer any phone call and listen to your kid’s favorite audios.

The soft ear gels make them very comfortable to wear and with the use of ear cups really isolate the external noises, and your kid will concentrate on what he/she is listening to.

The case is convenient in keeping the cable and earbuds safe and protected, hence result in long-lasting performance.

User Reviews:

“The last two pair of earphones I purchased, the audio was terrible, so I’m very happy with these.”

“case is hard, so it’s kinda difficult for the kids to place them back into the case.”

“got this for our 12 years old. it coming with a case was super important because tweens don’t keep things picked up!! the earbuds and case work great for her.”

“While these are not Bose quality, they will do just fine for a kid who loves watching Youtube. Happy with this purchase.”


5. Monkey Buds Kids Earbuds with Volume Limiting

  • Tangle free wire
  • Wire length 6ft
  • Plush monkey toy
  • Volume limiting
  • Tend to fell off.

Monkey buds kids earbuds are relatively new to the market, and we don’t find many reviews upon which we can make a final statement on its performance.

But at the given circumstances, these earbuds for kids under $10 looks great with the plush monkey toy. With the volume limiting feature, these work effectively for kids where we as parents want our children to listen to a controlled volume so that their vulnerable ears don’t get hurt.

The plush monkey earbuds are adjustable to have a loose or tight fit to accommodate in any given situation.

User Reviews:

“They are so cute, but not practical. They don’t stay on a child’s ear, and my daughter won’t use them at all because they fall off all the time.”

“They are cute and fun but won’t stay on our daughter’s ears. Too big. She’s 7.”

“Super cute & definitely tangle free. Easy to use and comfortable when sitting still. Can be in the way a little if your child likes to move around or dance while listening.”

“These were super cute and they work but I bought them for my 5 year old and they’re way to big. My 16 year old can wear them comfortably.”


6. Travel Time Earbuds For Kids

Travel Time, The Best Earbuds for Kids To Use for School

  • Three ear cup sizes
  • Compact and comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Good sound quality

Travel Time earbuds are the best earbuds for kids to use for school are good looking and are available in single color only.

These kids earbuds, under $10, come with three size ear cups to help kids wear the most comfortable size as per their requirement.

Their compact and comfortable design makes these kids earbuds very easy and makes them one of the best earbuds for kids, so you don’t need to carry those bulky headphones around anymore.

As these earbuds come under $10, and with this price tag, the sound quality is not bad at all.

User Reviews:

“My 6 yr old has been using these for months and finally switched back to his headphones because they don’t stay on his ears, and they’re uncomfortable.”

One user was not happy with the sound quality. Another user added, “These are the first earphones my boy really likes.”


8. SMS Audio Earbuds For Kids

SMS Audio, The Best Wired Earbuds for Kids With Removable Stickers

  • Volume Limiting
  • Removable Designer Stickers
  • Drawstring Bag
  • 6x Silicone Tips
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • 3.5mm Connector
  • 47″ Tangle-Free Cord
  • Doesn’t really fit on 3-4yr olds

SMS Audio, the best wired earbuds for kids, come with 16x removable kids stickers. They can be easily removed and changed. Kids love these small good looking touch-ups.

SMS Audio earbuds also come with great looking storage pull string bag where the earbuds can be stored and kept because it’s a common thing that kids don’t keep their things tidy and tend to break or forget things. So having a separate bad just for the earbuds will be beneficial.

These kid’s earbuds also come with 6x different earbuds with different sizes that help your child to find the perfect fit for him/herself.

The volume limiting feature is essential to consider when shopping for the kid’s earphones or headphones. SMS Audio earbuds for kids features volume limiting, and the volume is set not to go beyond 85db.

The cord length is almost 4ft, which is very reasonable and long enough. It also comes with a 3.5mm plug that can be attached with all those devices which support 3.5mm jack.

User Reviews:

“These were too big for my 7 year old’s ears and kept falling out. They do seem to be well made though and would probably last a while.”

“Good prices but didn’t fit very well.

“They work, but the stickers fall right off. Good thing they send a lot.

“Fits my son’s tiny 5 year old ears great.”

9. Moki ACC Volume Limiting Earbuds For Kids

Moki ACC, The Best Volume Limiting Earbuds for Kids

  • Volume limitting
  • No need to force into the ear
  • Sound doesn’t isolate from surrounding
  • A bit large size for small kids

Moki ACC earbuds for kids are good looking and stylish and are available in two different and beautiful colors.

These are the best volume limiting earbuds. This feature is very essential for kids, like these days a lot of schools going kids use there headphone and earbuds at their schools as well.

So the earphones or headphones must be volume limiting so that the kids listen to the audio in a controlled manner and they don’t hurt their ears.

These kid’s earphones are not to be forced into the kid’s ears, as they are made to be placed a bit behind the ears sensitive areas where the sounds of harmful levels can really cause damage. Hence they will not block surrounding noises as many of the other earbuds with silicone ear tips will.

We couldn’t find the exact length of the provided cable, but as per the manufacturer, these earbuds are best for kids of 3+ yrs of age.

User Reviews:

“Volume limiting works very well, however the ear buds are adult sized.”

“They keep falling out of my sons ears. He finds that very frustrating.”

“Fot the first time my son can actually enjoy playing his video games, and we enjoy the quiet.”

10. Moear Unicorn Volume Limiting Earbuds For Kids

  • Volume limiting
  • 3D Unicorn design
  • 3.5mm plug
  • Ergonomic ear tips
  • Superior ambient noise isolation
  • 12 month warranty

Moear Unicorn earbuds for kids features an adorable 3D unicorn design. It comes with a 3.5mm plug that will work on all those devices that support a 3.5mm jack.

The ergonomically designed ear tips that are easy to wear and doesn’t feel hard on ears. The unique ear canal design delivers superior noise isolation, and your kid will concentrate on what he/she is listening to.

The most important feature is the volume limiting feature that is a must for kid’s earphones or kid’s headphones. These days kids use their headsets in the school as well, so the time they spend with their headphones or earbuds is a lot. So it’s essential that the technology must be used wisely so that it doesn’t hurt our kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which headphones are best for kids?

LilGadgets Untangled Pro best headphones for kids LilGadgets Untangled Pro are the best headphones for kids in 2020. CHECK PRICE

These headphones are available in ten different colors. These headphones are foldable and can be stored pretty nicely in a travel pouch that is included in the package. 

With a volume limiting feature, the volume is limited to 93db, which is relatively safe for kid’s ears. 

With the shared port, multiple users can listen to the same audio with the wire connection. The headphones are suitable for kids with 4+ years of age. 

The earpads and headband are designed to give the kids max comfort during extended use. The built-in battery can deliver 12hrs of playtime with 180hrs of standby time. 

Plus: A portion of each purchase goes towards bullying prevention and awareness in schools through partner organizations. 

How to use Headphones and Earbuds the safe way?

It’s a common thing that we use headphones and earbuds while we travel, but we don’t take much notice of at what volume we are listening and for how long.
Headphones are fantastic to block out the world, and jam to your favorite hits is huge. With headphones on, you can listen to music while doing your normal activities, but you should be aware that overindulgence can do more harm than good.
In other words, using earphones for long periods with incredibly high volumes can make a significant toll on your health. Still, the good news is, the problem associated with headphones or earphones can be easily corrected.

Watch the video that will explain the Pros n Cons and how to stay safe.